Chapter 6

6. Tables and morris
 Below I shall introduce three popular medieval board games, among which tables and morris. Because I shall mention them frequently some information.

Board for tables (backgammon)

 Tables, today often called backgammon, is a kind of ludo. Both players start with 15 pieces arranged in some formation on the board. One player moves his pieces clockwise, the other anti-clockwise. Each player’s aim is to get his pieces round to another part of the board, and then to lead them off the board. See for the rules
molenbord                                                                         Board for morris

Morris is a kind of noughts and crosses. It is played with 2×3 pieces on a grid of 3×3 points or with 2×9 pieces on this kind of a board. Starting with nine pieces in hand, each in turn enters one to a vacant point, aiming to make a formation of three (a mill) so that he can remove any enemy piece. In the second phase the player moves in turn to any vacant point to form a mill. In some situations dice are used to continue the game. See for more information
See for the function of dice in medieval morris Schädler 2000.

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